Alcohol's Impact on Nutrition & Health

Alcohol's Impact on Nutrition & Health

A FREE Educational Course | taught by Christina Gaunce, RDN, CEDRD

Course description

Did you know that alcohol consumption challenges our body’s ability to digest, absorb, and metabolize food?

Did you know that lactose intolerance is a common side-effect of consistent alcohol consumption?

Did you know that alcohol intake leads to the excretion of various micro-nutrients including calcium?

This FREE course is designed to...

  • Educate you on how alcohol impacts nutrition and health
  • Inform you of the true cause of a hangover
  • Inspire you to explore how alcohol impacts your eating
  • Encourage you to explore what your intoxication behaviors might be telling you about your relationship with food
Christina Gaunce, RDN, CEDRD
Christina Gaunce, RDN, CEDRD
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Certified Eating Disorder Specialist

Hello & Welcome,

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who loves learning not only about nutrition science, but also the psychology and behavior dynamics of eating.

I have had the pleasure of guiding hundreds of individuals through the behavior change process in order to create a balanced, sustainable, and authentic relationship with food, weight, and health.

My online courses are designed to provide education, encourage self-exploration, and provide authentic & holistic solutions to common nutrition, eating, and health pitfalls.

With Love & Hope,


'Find your hope, it's stronger than your fear.'

Course Curriculum

Chapter One
Introduction, Alcohol's Absorption, Digestion, and Immediate Effects
Course Notes
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Chapter Two
Alcohol's Nutrition & Health Impact
Course Notes
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Chapter Three
Self Reflection Chapter
Alcohol Use Disorder Quiz by WHO
Alcohol & Eating Reflection Questions
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